TITLE: “Swamps of Horror” / “Deep Desire”
Haemophagus / Spiral
LABEL: Zas Records, Ignorant Worm Records, Lo-Fi Records, Erba Trista Records, EOS Records, Produzioni Sospette
COPY N°: //
Italy / Spiral
GENRE: Grindcore
Here we find Haemophagus after their first appearance on vinyl, when they shared a 7″ split with the mighty mince legend Agathocles. These 3 guys from Sicily give us an original grind death ala Machetazo, Impetigo, sharing with them not only the musical genre sensation, but also an horrorific style and concept which is the main charachteristic of the band. Fast thrashing songs proposed us with creepy guitar sound and, in my opinion, well chosen riffs. Haemophagus dedicates his side  to Mario Bava: italian horror movies director. Spiral is very obscure old school grindcore from Japan. Yes, old school, but with a really impressive original sound and curious musical influences, you can find some r’n’r guitar solos in the chaotic blasts, behind a really scary and creepy voice. I can’t forget to mention that Spiral features members from great japanese bands such Unbiased, I.R.F. and Vivisection!!

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~ by ONANI BOY on January 26, 2009.

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