TITLE: s/t
CSMD / Deche-Charge
LABEL: No Fucking Labels
COPY N°: 42/46
Holland / Canada
GENRE: Noisecore
OTHER: Transparent vinyl
Now this is already a fuckin rare piece of classic!! Something that wouldn’t need to be reviewed but unfortunately (or not?) noisecore is not a so popular genre, and lots of you may don’t know both of the bands appearing on this wax. So let’s start with Crowd Surfers Must Die: they play real lo-fi alien sci-fi noisecore so chaotic and psychedelic that you can’t even recognize a song to another. Deche-charge are undesputed champions of noisecore as they present a 225 all titled (!) songs ep, no drum machine, no effects, no computer noise, but just old school noise fucking core!! New 2008 recording but same 1992 line up for this ep! Some words must be spent on the wax itself, cause it’s transparent, it’s totally selfproduced/self cutted and it’s limited to 46 pieces.  A big thanx to my friend Michele for sending me this as present, infinite thank you brother!!

Deche-Charge contacts
CSMD + NFL contacts


~ by ONANI BOY on December 15, 2008.

One Response to “CSMD / DECHE-CHARGE split 8″”

  1. OUT NOW! for those who missed the 2×8″ vinyl
    NFL#23+24 CSMD/INTUMESCENCE/DECHE CHARGE: 3way split CDr 3,75e
    (lmtd 200 copys! Pro-CDR with pro printing (factory made) comes in 7” sleeve with 2xA4 insert. Originally released as 2x lmtd 8” vinyl. All new recordings!!!

    for orders/info/distrolist with tons of noise vinyl/cd’s
    contact: noiseape@casema.nl

    CHEERS for the review! cool site!

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